Maynardville Evening Food Market 2024:
Food Truck Vendor & Partner Application, Criteria, and On-boarding Process

The inaugural 2023 Maynardville Evening Food Market (MEFM), in partnership with Maynardville Open-Air Festival, was a great success. And daily, we saw sold-out Vendors and full houses. We envisage Maynardville 2024 to be an even greater success.

MEFM 2024 will run from Thursday, 18 January to Sunday, 25 February (34 trading days*) – making it the longest running festival on the African continent. Over this period, The Maynardville Open-Air Festival 2024 will play host to a Piano Recital, a night of Musicals by Niel Rademan, Cape Town Opera, Cape Town Philharmonic, and the Festivals crown jewel - three weeks of Shakespeare.

How we work

At OAC, we work hard to provide a fertile environment for local SME entrepreneurs and established food-orientated businesses such as chef training academies/food innovation labs/established restaurants to showcase their skills/businesses/food products/food innovations in a new light - allowing them to expand their reach and enchantment.

While the space for vendors is limited, historically, the Festival sells up to 650 tickets per performance. Thus, we foresee the Vendors/Partners selected in each category will have a monopoly of their category at the Festival.

Our culture

We seek to reconnect Wynberg Park and the rest of Cape Town to this historic Festival and, in so doing, champion the use of under-utilised green spaces in Cape Town – to create a more cohesive, safe and caring community.

We also aim to promote producers and innovators who display an ethos of integrity and sustainability, who care about uniting the community through good food and service, and who celebrate diverse cultures' colours, flavours and goodness. And this year, we want to make an even stronger case, through collaborations and alike, to make sustainability and conscious eating mainstream.

Application process

We judge applications based on these core pillars: the ethos of the brand, the quality of the product, the responsibility of production and packaging, the price point, and the design of the presentation. And a new category this year, how innovative, from a sustainability and conscious eating standpoint is the product.

What is New this Year

Our only ambition is to ensure that our vendors, partners, sponsors, and of course, the patrons of the Maynardville Open Air Festival experience the magic first-hand and leave better off from participation. For returning applicants, we have taken your comments to heart.

***Due to demand, we have extended applications. You MAY STILL apply for the 2024 Festival. We will contract vendors when they are approved by the vendor committee.

/First come, First serve
-We generally receive high-quality applicants and operate on a first-come, first-served basis; meaning, for instance, if you sell one category of food and apply before your peer (with all things being equal), you will get the slot. So please apply early.

/New fee classes
-We have also added two more FEE classes this year.
Class 1 – FOOD VENDOR: Vendors whose core business is a Food Truck or operates from an established food market.
Class 2 – OAC COLLAB/MEFM PARTNERS: Established concerns not operating in the Food Vendor space but can benefit patrons by offering a unique food experience. This class includes food innovators, food labs, unique restaurants, training colleges, and identified high-volume Vendors.

***2024 Onboarding Requirements. ALL Vendors will need to have a valid COA and Business License. And if using gas, gas certification. Also, no matter the class, you will need to sell food from a Food Truck.  

Other changes from last year
-More favourable rate options;
-Better programming with built-in audiences on Sundays;
-Longer marketing lead time;
-MEFM is now established; so more patrons will choose to turn Maynardville into an experience;
-Picnic baskets will not be offered to increase participation in the market.

APPLICATIONS for MEFM 2024 are STILL OPEN! To be considered, please complete your Application below.


***For an Application to be valid, you will need to make a non-refundable 350 ZAR admin fee payment which is due at the time of application. Payment details are available on the Application form.

-Interim Programme, click here.
-Festival Website, click here.

Contact Us

Vendor Queries

For Vendor applications, and related queries, please email; please note during the Festival our response times are 4-8 hrs, pre- and post- the Festival 3-5 days.

Sponsorship Queries

For sponsorship queries, please email; please note during the Festival our response times are 4-8 hrs, pre- and post- the Festival 3-5 days.

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